14 Useful WordPress Plugins for Cannabis Dispensaries in (2021)

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Cannabis, Uncategorized

WordPress is a favourite among most canna-businesses because of its useful plugins. Its plugins are well optimized for your business and are easy to navigate.

In this article, we will focus on the useful WordPress plugins for every cannabis dispensary in 2021. This will make it easier for cannabis businesses to know what’s best for their business. 

1. WP Dispensary

WP Dispensary is a marijuana plugin for WordPress that allows users to build a complete local dispensary online. This plugin offers all the solutions for cannabis businesses looking to control the positioning of your dispensary menu.

WP Dispensary is a free plugin that you directly install from the WordPress dashboard. After you install and activate it, a new dashboard menu item adds to your sidebar.

The essential feature of WP Dispensary is the ability to customize widgets to showcase your menu items. This means that new products added to your inventory will automatically display on your dispensary’s website.

This free plugin has several menu item types ranging from flowers to concentrates. Users can also add details for items and use built-in shortcodes for easy integration to any WordPress theme. The plugin also offers a number of custom third-party apps like Dutchie and greenline.

2. Easy Marijuana Age Verify

Marijuana website age verification is essential for all cannabis businesses. This plugin allows you to control the age limit of your website with a well-optimized, mobile-friendly pop-up window. This appears each time a new user visits your website.

Age verification is great for dispensary websites, marijuana growers, blogs, and other canna-businesses that want to be age compliant. This plugin is pre-configured for users in the United States, Canada, or the UK.

Easy Marijuana Age Verify is a free plugin that works with any theme. It also has an option to upgrade to a Premium Pro Marketer version which offers more flexibility.

3. Gravity Forms (Elite)

Gravity Forms is a plugin that provides form creation and offers easy customization functionality to your WordPress cannabis dispensary. Gravity forms come in the elite, pro, and basic versions but we highly recommend the most expensive license which is the Elite. The reason for this is because the elite license offers the User Registration add-on. Medical marijuana dispensaries with gravity forms will require additional information for user registration and visitors won’t make purchases unless the registration is approved.

4. H32B Flower Inventory Manager

This is one of the best WordPress dispensary plugins because it tracks bulk marijuana inventory based on strains and grams. It also has WooCommerce variable products configured using a Weight attribute. Marijuana dispensaries providing bulk flowers to patients and customers should highly use the bulk flower inventory tracking plugin for WooCommerce.

The Bulk flower tracking plugin comes with Auto-Inventory and Inventory Shift options. These features help to auto-populate variation inventories, based on dispersal settings when.

5. H32B Dispensary Delivery Driver

This is a good plugin for delivery dispensaries with WooCommerce. H32B Dispensary Delivery Driver is well optimized for cannabis dispensaries in Canada and the United States. With this plugin website, administrators can task users as Drivers, assign WooCommerce orders to Driver users, mark orders as “Out for Delivery” and allow WooCommerce dispensary delivery driver users to mark orders as “Delivered.”

6. H32B Disclaimer Pop-up Window

This plugin for WooCommerce marijuana dispensaries can help your cannabis dispensary remain compliant with state and local laws combined with public health and safety ordinances. Administrators can also customize the way the disclaimer is displayed. The fully customizable HTML message serves as a: disclaimer, age verification gate, terms agreement, sitewide announcement which users must accept before proceeding to the website.

7. WooCommerce Points & Rewards

Marketing and promotion are what every business in the recreational marijuana industry needs. The WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugin will give customers rewards points for purchases which can later work as a coupon discount for future purchases. Users get points for purchases, user registration, and for reviewing a purchase.

The points and rewards system increases customer loyalty as well as adds user-generated product review content.

8. H32B Daily Reconcile Report

This plugin works for marijuana dispensaries selling wholesale flower products to customers. With the H32B Daily Reconcile Report plugin, administrators can view detailed line-item product sales information for custom-set date ranges.

9. Rank Math

This WordPress SEO plugin can increase the visibility of your cannabis dispensary for search engines and social media. It has a configuration wizard where users can import data from other SEO plugins throughout the arrangement.

Rank math allows you to add meta title, summary, generate an XML sitemap as well as connect Google Search Console to increase traffic.  

10. WP Rocket

Your site needs to be fast. Cannabis dispensaries need to monitor site rate and efficiency to ensure the complete functioning of SEO.

You can easily boost your internet site speed through caching. WP Rocket is a very useful WordPress caching plugin. It allows you to establish caching without having technical know-how.

11. BigCommerce

When it comes to selling CBD online, BigCommerce is light years ahead of other platforms. BigCommerce now supports CBD through a bevy of B2C and B2B eCommerce features. BigCommerce is SaaS (Software as a Service) which means it merges everything you need to run an online store.

12. Dutchie

Dutchie is a third-party app that connects with WP dispensary. This app creates technology that powers e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions for dispensaries. It offers a simple way for consumers to purchase cannabis products from dispensaries for pickup or delivery. Dutchie is used by most top dispensaries because it offers them helpful tools to sell online.

13. Greenline

Greenline is another third-party app that connects with WP dispensary. This app supports powerful real-time inventory syncing with your WooCommerce online store.

However, Greenline can only connect to one WooCommerce store at a time. If you prefer multi-location support for your business, then we recommend Buddi or Dutchie. Greenline links only with WooCommerce stores with full SSL/HTTPS encryption supported.

14. WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate

WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate is a WooCommerce product addons plugin – which allows users to easily configure products with additional fields and options. It easily integrates with Bookings for WooCommerce, allowing users to add extra chargeable items to booking products.

Bottom line

While there are many WordPress plugins for cannabis dispensaries, it’s still important to choose the best ones. That’s why in this article we focused our attention on the most useful cannabis dispensary WordPress plugins that will optimize your website, increase traffic and rank higher in Google search.