7 Technical SEO Tips for Cannabis Businesses

by | May 8, 2021 | Cannabis

The cannabis industry is growing at a high rate and is estimated to reach $36.7 billion by 2025. With this growing trend, if you’re a cannabis business owner, then the main goal is to attract online attention. An effective SEO strategy makes your cannabis website more visible and search engine friendly. Here are 7 technical SEO tips for your cannabis business.

Conduct an SEO Audit on Your Cannabis Site

The first step to developing a solid SEO strategy for your cannabis site is to have a clear idea of your starting point. This requires an analysis of your existing search engine traffic. Use Google Analytics to get full knowledge of:

  • The most influential pages
  • The similarities between these pages in terms of length, content quality and tone, and use of images and other media
  • The number of visitors to your site through organic web search
  • The main keywords and phrases used by visitors to find you

Once you get this information, you can begin developing an SEO strategy that takes advantage of your current strengths and harnesses overlooked opportunities.

Be knowledgeable about your targets search intent

As a Cannabis SEO professional, it’s vital to learn how cannabis users search when they want to buy marijuana or CBD products.

Cannabis SEO usually deals with keyword research and there exist a lot of free keyword research tools available for anyone looking to do cannabis SEO.

Nonetheless, we have seen a huge change in SEO over the last couple of years. While keyword research is still essential for cannabis SEO strategy, it’s still not enough as SEO nowadays requires you to have more than a list of effective cannabis-related keywords to drive the desired traffic to your cannabis website.

If you want an effective and long-term SEO strategy, then you should focus on a cannabis user’s search intent and the reason why they make the search

Nowadays, people search more on their mobile devices than they do on desktop/laptop devices, and this is partly due to the implementation of voice search.

It’s essential to learn how your target audience is using search engines to implement an effective cannabis SEO strategy.

You have to conduct tests on how your cannabis SEO optimization strategy affects your organic traffic and begin to implement more conversational keyword search terms to your keyword strategy.

Backlinks for Cannabis SEO Websites

Cannabis businesses still have limitations especially when it comes to backlinks. Popular forums which are a common source of backlinks may deny backlinks to cannabis websites. But with the legalization of cannabis in different US states, the stigma around it is reducing and cannabis businesses are now gaining momentum.

There are several ways to get backlinks to cannabis websites including.

Creating many supporting articles, modifying them slightly, and publishing them on the website, adding internal backlinks to the home page.

Another way is through participating in forums and discussions related to the cannabis industry. Share educational content and strengthen knowledge. Afterward, include a link to the site.

Create high-quality backlinks from websites that have a higher domain authority than yours. This can help make your site more reliable.

Mobile Optimization is essential for Marijuana SEO

A marijuana SEO can’t be effective without a mobile responsive, mobile adaptive, and mobile-optimized website.

This generation of cannabis customers spend a lot of time on their phones and as the years go by, the demand for mobile phones increases.

An essential aspect of an effective cannabis SEO strategy is understanding the ‘mobile consumers’ and how their search activities differ when they are on their phones in contrast to when they are using a desktop/laptop.

For example, when you are in a hurry and need to find a marijuana dispensary near you asap you tend to use your phone because you believe it’s faster.

Imagine if a cannabis consumer uses his/her phone to load your dispensary and realizes it’s not mobile-friendly. That person will just quickly turn to a competing dispensary that has a mobile-friendly website.

It’s very important for every cannabis, marijuana, and CBD website owner to invest in mobile optimization tactics. The reason for this is because, in the next few years, mobile is going to be the golden key in terms of marijuana SEO.

Video content is essential for Marijuana SEO

Video content is very important to attract an audience to a website because rather than reading and viewing images most people prefer to watch videos. But since not many cannabis websites have video content, this can be your edge to attract more audience and help your marijuana SEO strategy.

Videos can easily communicate your marijuana products to your potential cannabis customers which means they can boost user engagement on your website and help with your marijuana SEO strategy.

You can optimize your video content for cannabis SEO by putting good quality videos and putting the relevant keywords in all of your videos.

Studies show that people enjoy watching high-quality videos showcasing relevant information on your website. With that said, it’s highly recommended to implement video content on your website and social platforms to improve your cannabis SEO strategy.

Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is the center of your website. It comprises the best, most significant articles on your site.

Here are some good topics for a cannabis dispensary or other marijuana business

  • How to get a medical marijuana card online
  • CBD oil benefits
  • Indica and sativa differences
  • The different forms of cannabis
  • Cannabis origin and history  
  • Dispensaries near me

You can build your site and SEO strategies around these topics and link back to them in other articles and blog posts.

Track and Analyze

Just like a dispensary knows which strain is suitable for its customers and which strains is unsuitable for its customers, a cannabis-related website needs to know what attracts and what doesn’t attract visitors, so it can focus on what customers like and less on what customers don’t like.

Creating an effective cannabis SEO strategy is like developing a successful cannabis business. While some of the key components may differ, most important components such as experiment, track, analyze, improve—are the same.


As an owner of a cannabis business, you have to make individuals more aware of your products and services. You have to make it easy for your potential customers to find your website when they are looking for cannabis-related products or services. That’s why SEO is critical for all cannabis businesses.

Use the aforementioned tips can boost visibility and drive engagement to your website.